Montor Wordpress Theme

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A majestic looking fixed width two columned wordpress theme, Montor has a huge header with the graphic design of a striking and authentic looking monument. This white and blue colored theme with sharp edges has a dark grey background that uplifts the beauty of the theme. The header comprises of a traditional blue colored navigation bar that gives you a complete view of the various categories in the site. Just below the header towards the right end, there is a distinct search engine with a white base. The sidebar of the theme is located in the right and has links to the other updated posts. The sidebar contains blue colored sidebar titles that match the color of the navigation bar. The theme has a large content area for the proper display of the posts posted on the website. This elegant looking theme was designed by Darjan Panic. Montor is a bautiful wordpress template featuring medieval architecture in it’s header graphics. It’s 2 column, gray on black background. It was designed by Darjan Panic