Magazine Wordpress Templates

Beauty Magazine Wordpress Template

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Beauty Magazine wordpress template is a nice pink somewhat girly WP design. It is geared towards advertizing as there are quite a few ad space placeholders. Four are located just below the header – each of them accepts a small snippet of text and an image. 4 advertisment banners are placed on the right sidebar (the first of two) in dimensions 125 x 125 pixels. The header features a pink silhuette graphic of a woman. This entire wordpress skin is a mixutre of shades of pink. Everything is either pinkish or white. Top of the main content area shows the latest article, below it are excerpts of the previous posts two by two per each column. Beauty Magazine wordpress theme was designed by Themes Junction.

Alpha News Wordpress Template

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Alpha wordpress theme is a clean and simple – pure css wp design. This is a magazine type wordpress template which is mostly white and has 4 columns. Pages menu is just below the header, followed by featured news section (your latest blog entry title and short excerpt). On the right side there is a list of “popular articles” – latest posts. Further down we have two columns of latest post snippets, and on the right of them are four placeholders for 125 x 125 pixels advertising banners. Below that, in the sidebar there is a youtube video place holder, followed by two columns of sidebar elements. Alpha news wordpress template was designed by ChiQ.

Business Magazine Wordpress Template

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Business Magazine wordpress template is well suited for a large blog with a lot of content.  This is a two column wp theme with a twist. It’s ready for advertisment banners and google adwords. The main content is interrupted by a menu containing the “About” section, featured posts and google adsense ads, after that the main content continues. Sidebar is located on the right side and supports wordpress widgets. Header is blue and shows an icon of a briefcase. There are also some google ads in the header itself – so basically this wordpress theme is full of ads which can easily be modified to your code. Business Magazine wordpress theme was designed by

Massive News Wordpress Template

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Massive News wordpress theme is best suited for a magazine type blog. This wp template is full of placeholders for advertisment banners so you can easily edit and put in your own. Massive News wordpress template comes with some plugins included so make sure you put them in your blog’s plugin directory and activate.

How to Edit the Ads

Different Files have been created to make changing ads through FTP userfriendly. All the files can be found in MassiveNews –> ads. Place your ad codes between the opening and closing Div Tags.

How to Add Author Image & Profile

Go to Wp-Admin–>Users–>Profile. Upload Image and add Profile details in biography.

How do the Author Links Appear on sidebar

Go to Wp-admin–>Appearance–>Widgets–>Sidebar2

Create a new Text widget and name it Author List: Staff . Write author login name. Sperate multiple authors with comma and no space (Please make sure you are using the Login Name)

Revenue Sharing

Go to Wp-Admin–>Users–>Profile. At the end of the page there are boxes for every Author to enter his/her Ad Codes.


Go to Wp-Admin–>Post. Place the image code inside the “Excerpt” box in the following format

 <img src=”” alt=”Imagename” />
Image dimensions should be 140 x 140

Arthemia Wordpress Template

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Arthemia wordpress template is a clean and minimalistic wp skin. It is mostly white, with black header which includes pages links. The blog’s search function is located in the top right corner. Main content area is on the left side, while the wp theme’s only sidebar is on the right. The sidebar is widgets enabled. Footer also contains the recent comments, recent posts and a spare possition for whatever you want to put there. Arthemia wordpress theme was designed by Michael Jubel.

Slickpress Wordpress Template

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Slickpress is something like a magazine wordpress template. It’s basically a 3 column wp theme where sidebar is conjoined on top into one and split at the bottom in two sections. Top of the sidebar contains a youtube video, list of recent posts, comments and tags. Bottom of the sidebar contains all the standard wordpress sections. Main content area is on the left side. This wordpress theme is minimalistic and clean. Search function is located in header – top right corner. Slickpress was designed by