Yellow Wordpress Templates

Art Theme Wordpress Template

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Art Theme is an amazing wordpress template made by This is a bright yellow and red wp skin featuring artistic colour spatters in it’s header graphic. It has 3 columns where both sidebars are on the right hand side. The outermost sidebar includes a list of archived pages and the blogroll while the inner sidebar includes the pages, categories and meta. Main content area is red while the blog’s background is dark blue.

MyTemapertama Wordpress Template

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MyTemapertama wordpress template is a simple and minimalist WP design. The background is some mixture of green and yellow and the theme has a big white-ish flower in the header. Other than that it’s all pure css and text. This is a 2 column wordpress skin with sidebar located on the right side. It supports wordpress widgets (remember to enable widgets in your blog’s admin area – under Appearance). Main content area¬† is on the left and shows post snippets (excerpts). Links are orange while the text is black. That’s about all there is to this wp theme. MyTemapertma wordpress theme was designed by Nahrizul Adib.

Yellow Fluid Wordpress Template

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Yellow fluid is a full width wordpress template. It has 3 columns, the header is black with white blog title text while the main content area is white surrounded with yellow stripes. This is a 3 column wordpress theme designed by Skinpress.  Both sidebars are on the right hand side and include all the standard wordpress sections including the tag coloud on top of the sidebars.

Preserver of Health Wordpress Template

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The preserver of health is an authentic looking wordpress theme based on an orange yellow striped pattern as the base. The theme mainly focuses on the health care regimes such as dieting. The theme has a large header that comprises of yellow and shades of orange with the graphical design of a circular pattern of different laers comprising of different shades of orange. The graphical design also comprises of a girl sipping healthy juices and a few pieces of orange. Thus, the theme largely focuses on the health related matters and regimes. The preserver of health theme has a white based content area and an orange colored sidebar. The sidebar of the theme is distinct and has a shade darker from the base of the theme with black colored fonts. The sidebar has links for the various posts, comments and articles posted on the blog. This theme was designed and created by

Speedway Wordpress Template

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A perfect and authentic looking two columned fixed width wordpress theme, the speedway is created on a shaded orange background. This theme is has a color scheme of grey, white and orange. The speedway has a distinctive large grey header with a graphical design of the earth and the with glassy effects. The theme has a border margin of grey and white colors to distinguish it distinctly from the orange base. The border has rounded edges and is distinguished into a large content area and a prominent side bar. The content area of the theme has a dark grey base for the proper display of the articles, posts and comments posted on the blog. The sidebar of the theme also has a dark grey background with orange colored sidebar titles and fonts which contrast with the background. The margins of the sidebar and the edges of the sidebar titles are also soft edged giving it a more authentic look. The speedway wordpress theme was designed by web hosting Rally.