Pink Bird Wordpress Theme

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Pinkbird wordpress theme is a simple, clean and elegant wordpress design. It is really minimalist with only one image of a pink bird sitting on a curved branch. The rest of the page is pure white. This is a 3 column wordpress theme. The main content area is placed on the left side while the two sidebars are on the right. The middle sidebar is wordpress widgets compliant. Pink Bird wordpress template was designed by Randa Clay.

If you’d rather change this theme to work fit in 800×600 browsers, it’s easy – just follow the directions in the Stylesheet file.

Any repeating vertical background image will work with this theme. To change the background image, simply upload the image you’d like to use to the images directory of the theme.

Then, find this piece of CSS near the top of the Stylesheet file:
background-image: url(images/background.gif);

and change ‘background.gif’ to the name of the image file you’d like to use. We recommend you don’t use one that is too wide if it is very dark, as the transparency effect will cause the text in your posts to be difficult to read.