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A classic looking dual skin theme, Planet is an extremely alluring wordpress theme. This is a two columned fixed width, dual skin wordpress theme. Dual skin implies that the theme has a button on the sidebar that will enable the user to easily change the skin of the theme from the blue covered ocean skin into the dusky earth skin. This feature, makes the theme very unique and also at the same time extremely fascinating for the all visitors. This theme was designed by

The Ocean skin of the theme is entirely blue in color with a dark shaded blue pattern as the background and a beautiful blend of various shades of blue and white in the entire theme. The header of the theme is very naturalistic and displays the beautiful wooden plank alongside the ocean and below the vast sky, with huge tides splashing the water against it. The sidebar has soft edges with an ocean blue color similar to that of the content area.

Similar to the ocean skin is the earth skin. Simply, the header changes into a very bright beautiful header comprising of a graphical image that displays the dusky beauty of the nature. The header has a grassy ground and huge stones with the golden sunlight declining on it. The Side of the sidebar changes from left to right and the background into grey.