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Desk Space WP Theme

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DeskSpace wordpress theme is a special cartoon-like design. A lot of work has been put into this theme by freethemelayouts.com. The header graphic shows a notebook, a few photos and a mobile phone which contains the “home”, “about” and “contact” links on the screen. The links are clickable. This theme comes with original .PSD photoshop files so anyone can edit them and modify the theme to suit your needs. This is a two column wp template with sidebar located on the right. Above the sidebar there is a drawing of a boy, listening to music and using his laptop computer.

Shopping Mall WP Theme

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Shopping Mall wordpress theme is perfect for an online shopping blog / site. The wp skin features a big, luxury shopping mall in it’s header graphic. The blog’s title and search function are imposed over the mall image. Otherwize this is a 3 column web 2.0 wordpress template with main content area placed on the left side and both sidebars on the right. The middle sidebar is controled by wordpress widgets, so make sure you enable it from your blog’s admin area (under Appearance / widgets). Main content area is baby-blue with light yellow menu titles. Shopping mall wordpress template was designed by wptown.com

Car Blog Skin WP Theme

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Car wordpress template features an image of a beautiful red sports car in is’s header graphic. This is a two¬† column wordpress theme with sidebar possitioned on the left side. The sidebar includes everything a WP blog should have. Main content area is on the right side – light gray font on redish-brown background. Car wordpress skin was designed by avivadirectory.com

Note: There is a PSD folder (directory) included with this theme. Inside is the photoshop original graphic of your blog’s title (logo). You can edit it in photoshop and modify to suit your needs.