Smilies Army Wordpress Theme

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A very interesting looking wordpress theme! As the name suggests the Smilies Army wordpress theme has a huge header that features a beautiful graphical design of a small battalion of cool looking 3D smilies on a white background. The shadow effect of the smilies in the graphical image is added to give it a realistic look. The header of the theme also has a search area on the extreme right of the header above the sidebar. Aligned at the bottom of the header is a traditional looking navigation bar of grey color. The complete wordpress theme is designed on a white background with colorful smilies and some grey matter in the titles. This is a two columned fixed width wordpress theme featuring a huge content area and a distinct sidebar. The sidebar titles are grey in color and thus contrast with the background. The sidebar titles are soft edged and comprise of links to the recently updated posts. This wordpress theme was designed by Ccucu.