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Newave Wordpress Template

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Newave is a clean, minimalistic wordpress theme. It’s mostly white, with green page buttons in the header. The wp theme is two column, with left displaying the latest blog post and the right column displaying short excerpts of several latest posts. Blog navigation menus and the search box are at the bottom of the page. Newave was designed by

New Day Wordpress Template

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Newday is a true nature oriented wordpress theme that largely embraces the color scheme of various shades of green and black. The header of the theme is very alluring and gives us a clear image of the impeccable beauty of the nature. The header is the main charm of the theme and it includes graphical images of green trees, pines and the striking green grassy grounds. It is a two columned fixed width theme with a black based sidebar at the right side and a content area that completely merges with the black backdrop of the theme. The sidebar has green colored sidebar titles that contrast with the black background. The sidebar comprises of various links to the recently posted comments and posts on the blog. This artistic nature oriented theme was designed by Jinsona Designs (

Japanese Fleur Wordpress Template

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An artistic looking wordpress theme, the JapaneseFleur is a two columned fixed width theme with a very attractive looking header. This green and white based wordpress theme has a large header with a distinct color scheme of green, black, red and white colors. The green colored header of the theme has beautiful floral designs in black and red color with the white based content area merging at its lower end. The header also has an authentically designed round edged search area for the users with black colored designs around it. The content area of the theme is large and displays the latest posts on the blog. The sidebar of the theme simply blends with the content area and comprises of sharp edged sidebar white colored sidebar titles with red colored contrasting fonts. This beautiful and artistic wordpress theme was designed by Lorelei and is perfect for any type of blog, especially art based blogs.

Emerald City Wordpress Template

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A 3 column artistic theme that’s a modern reincarnation of the Emerald City from thAs the name suggests, this is a specific emerald green colored impressive looking wordpress theme fixed width with three columns. The emerald city wordpress theme is a very sober looking authentic theme with a striking header that features graphical designs of white shaded buildings of a city with green colored twines at its left edge. The header of the theme displays the name of the blog in white that blends well with the green and white base. The theme has a unique traditional looking navigational bar that gives the users a brief about the other categories in the blog. The Emerald city has two sidebars, one on each side which displays the links to the other posts. The right sidebar has a distinct sidebar margin with soft edges while the left sidebar is simple. The two sidebars compress the large content area of the theme that displays the latest updated posts, comments or articles. The fonts in the sidebars are turquoise blue in color and thus match well with the emerald and white base. This unique and sensuous looking theme was designed by and reflects the concept of a reincarnated city from the wizard of OZ. e Wizard of OZ. It was designed by