Nature Wordpress Templates

Travel 1 Wordpress Template

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A lively, beautiful looking theme with a distinct color scheme of different shades of blue and white with a pattern of light sandy brown color. This theme comprises of a distinct clear navigation bar, prominent and attractive header and the two columns. The theme has an attractive header that displays the beauty of Maldives. The theme is another two columned fixed width theme. The theme has round edged navigation bar, header and content area. The content area also comprises of the round cornered post titles and the sidebar. The sidebar links you to the other pages of the website from the theme.

Nature’s Temper Wordpress Template

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Nature’s temper is a very attractive looking two columned fixed width wordpress theme with a distinctive color scheme of black, orange and red colors. The theme is designed on a deep red backdrop and depicts the power and the anger of nature. The theme on the top left has a traditional navigation bar while just opposite to it on the right it has a search area. The header of the theme is the eye-catcher as it very precisely depicts the anger of the nature and its destructive face. The theme has a large content area and a simple sidebar with some grassy designs on the sidebar titles. The sidebar displays the links to the various posts while the content area displays the updated posts. This beautifully designed theme has been designed by

Easter Wordpress Template

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A sweet looking two columned fixed width theme with a unique contrast of green, blue and white. The background of the content area and the sidebar is white in color while the header of the theme has blue color with the cartoon bunnies in it. The header has graphical designs of green grass with flowers in it. The theme has a complete background of blue colored pattern. The sidebar has the links of the latest updates and the various categories. The content area has a vast space for the display of the latest articles, posts or comments. This theme was designed by