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New Year 2009 2 Wordpress Template

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A unique looking black and white colored three columned theme fixed width theme that focuses on the arrival of the New Year. The header of the theme is simple and yet elegant looking for its sober color scheme of black and white with colorful christmas decoratives in the circles. The background of the content area and the two sidebars has an elegant looking pattern with floral patterns. The content area has red colored titles that uplift the beauty of the theme and displays the latest updates on the websites. The sidebars feature a unique search area for the users that is distinctly focused in the complete theme. Each sidebar displays the various links to the information’s in the website and has blue colored sidebar titles.

New Year 2009 Wordpress Template

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A striking red and white based wordpress theme with the perfect blend that expresses the happy times of the New Year! The theme has a red sparkling header with graphical patterns of stars on it with sharp edges that suit just perfectly to the theme niche. This is a two columned theme with fixed width comprising of a content area for the latest updates and the sidebar. The background of the theme in the content area and the sidebar is white with varied colored glittery spots. The content area and the sidebar have a white base with grey colored sidebar titles. The sidebar has a discrete margin with smoothed edges.

Windows Vista Login Wordpress Template

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A completely blue colored two columned fixed width theme with a blue colored glassy effect pattern as a backdrop! The theme is very attractive due to its perfect blend of the various shades of the blue color. The theme has a sidebar at the left side and a content area on the right that displays all the latest updated posts, comments or articles. The theme has a distinct search area on the upper right side of the content area. The sidebar of the theme has blue and grey colored sidebar titles with glassy effects on it. The sidebar comprises of the various links that help you to remain connected to the other pages.