Vistalicious Wordpress Theme

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Vistalicious wordpress theme is a simple and clean wp design resembling windows vista. This wordpress template was designed by

How to Install

1. Unpack the folder in your wp-content/themes/ directory.
2. Go to the WordPress Admin panel and select presentation.
3. Select the Vistalicious theme.

How to modify 

1. Changing the welcome text on the upper right of the header: go to your Admin Panel under Presentation-Theme Editor and find the header.php theme file. In the header division, locate the ‘topright’ class. Edit at will.

2. Customizing the menu: by default, the menu will query all WP pages created + home. If you wish to edit the menu manually, you can delete the entire page query code and insert your own links. Just make sure you insert your list elements in the following pattern: <a href=”#”><li><span>Menu element</span></a></li> Make sure to put them in a span as shown.